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released April 22, 2017

Recorded at Mountain Fire Studio in Modesto, CA
Mixed and Mastered by Scott Randle
Artwork by Dixon Wells



all rights reserved


SUBETROTH Modesto, California

SUBETROTH is an American Doom band that has unique progressive/avant-garde roots with hints of many other metal genres. Presenting sleazy fretless guitar and bass movements with organic musical arrangements teetering alongside the insanity of oddly focused skip-beat time signatures, SUBETROTH pave the way for a new brand of heavy music, referring to themselves as "Hooker Party Doom from the West." ... more

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Track Name: Ungrown Tug
Goad the stinger, and curb the prize
Bent, wet pose. A shackled core for the never-bride
So faithful, yet so unsure
Sloppy knob slob is the lure for the bloomin’ goon
It’s noon, she’s shaped like a fuckin’ balloon
Greasy thighs, high as a kite
Varicose spider wraps it up
Dinner time!
There’s no surprise in her eyes
Here it goes, all on her lung pillows
She says it’s her turn, drops trou
And holy shit, it’s a fuckin’ dude

Fresh in the field
What now? This was the first anything
Gonna blow ol’ Donnie for sure
His stare is broken
He grabbed the scalp and slipped it in

Here we are, between a cock and a headboard
Tiny hands flailing, making the sullen and weary foal gag
In apathy, he revels

This was our say; cheetoh or a cyborg with a lizard dome
Let’s opt for cheap slop
I fault the grim blue sect
No accountability held

Our shit’s a joke and paralyzed
U-turn for lame to survive
No stage for worth to exist
We’ve churned our fate
Track Name: Preacher, Drunken Killer
I seen those cutthroats, they’re clerkin’,
they’re lurkin’ in the middle of the night
I’ve seen beauty taken by the pill, and by the drink
I’ve seen those beautiful children begging in the street
I’ve had my heart broke on both sides of this old world

Never thought I would see all I have seen
Did you ever think you would see
The preacher, drunken killer, retreat

I’ve seen your beautiful hand in mine
I’ve seen the sun rise to hit your beautiful eyes
I had a dream, a sweet vision
But life always seems to let the dark clouds roll

Never thought I would see all the sorrow I’ve seen
Did you ever think you would see
The preacher, drunken killer, free

Eyes growl so mellowly
Run out of sunlight
Blind. Wails so loud, silent rite
War let inside

Never thought I would see
All I have seen
Never thought I would see
All the sorrow I’ve seen
All the beauty I’ve seen
All the sorrow I’ve seen
All the beauty I’ve seen
Track Name: Rubber Band Moan
Grab the root of the fountain
Hail the old river

From a dark hue, climbs a novel light
Hail the old river

Gad off course
Huddle the swine
and watch them crow

Artificial blood of honor
Blood created of
venom and moans

Harlots. No pith, no grace
Eradicating the fibers of self
Rear your saint

Gaze at where we began

Mine, bore, gouge, gut, and maim

Replay all the remakes of a long-lost song
Mislaid of all misfortune
And the thieves run dry
Hail the wanderers of the trench
Now gods and men can roam

The root of growth severed
Stagnant implementation of once revered breeds
React to everything that's new
with fear, awe, and arrogance
Direct and scary to closed minds
Denial of improvement
Lay waste to progression of existence
Stuck between relaxation and fortitude

Swing off the remains of a world once loved
Sewn into inseparation
And the beasts cry
Hail the skeletons of the drift
Now gods and men can roam